Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Products
We're excited to bring you some of our new products. We have more to come, including beautiful sandstone coasters and puzzles. You can order here:
or drop us an email, or call 208-755-4778. 
We're happy to ship for you!
15oz Mugs 
"Watching Ewe"

"The Dirt Blowing Trial"
"Welcome Home"
Add a matching coaster.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Island Crossing
A big thank you to Heather and Joe Haynes, for their hospitality and a great trial.
Norman was the judge at the Island Crossing trial, and I ran my dogs. My performance in the open was less than stellar. I think the best I did was 7th. My dogs ran great, but my timing seemed to be off. I finally pulled it together with my nursery dog Jess, she was such a good girl. There weren't enough dogs for a nursery class, so I entered her in the pro novice. She was 1st in the second round, and she ended up 2nd overall.
Joe and Heather have Clun Forest sheep, some with big bulgy eyes, and they have Ralph, my new friend, a very cute guardian dog. I loved him instantly.

It poured rain when we were there and I never pulled out my camera.  I was disappointed that I didn't get any pictures of Ralph and those crazy looking sheep so I have improvised.
Congratulations to Rudy (sorry, I can't remember his last name). He won the open both days!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hanna (the pirate) has internet access...
On the road for 3 weeks, and 3 trials later, Norm and I are pretty positive that Hanna has been surfing the internet.
I posted Hanna for sale. On her sale page, I said she was a little sticky at the top, Hanna being sticky on the top was something that seemed to come overnight, and apparently it also left overnight, she ran like a top at the last 3 trials, Trailing of the Sheep, The Western Regionals, and Fire Ridge. All three featured really different sheep. She made the Double Lift at Fire Ridge.
I ran Hanna 7 times and she really never put a paw wrong. Don't get me wrong there were mistakes, but they were mine. So the big question now is, is Hanna, still for sale?
The answer, Maybe.............I left her up on the sale page just in case... She could be one of my blog followers!

Trailing of the Sheep
Speaking of the the last three trials, they were wonderful. The Trailing of the Sheep, put on by Don and Jeanie Helsley was the start of our big adventure. It was great weather and Don and Jeanie always do a good job. The set out was perfect,the sheep were rank and wild, but really nice to run on and even.........does that make sense?
Norman's Blaze was the hero of the trial for us. He was a non compete in the open, having only run a couple of times in the pro-novice, but he scored an 81. We were really proud of him. I think that would have put him in 3rd place. Gale and Hanna did great and ran well for me.
Don Helsley won the trial with his Tag, a very nice young dog!
The Western Regionals
Another great trial, put on by a great group of people, including the famous Alistair MacLean. No not MacRae, MacLean....same accent, different guy. Alistair and his group pulled out all the stops to make it a great trial, including wonderful prizes, they had 2 beautiful crooks and a handsome payout. The set out was once again perfect. The trial was on lambs, and, handled right, they were a pleasure.
Unfortunately Norm's Gwen was and is ill. He pulled her from the first trial, and didn't run her again the rest of the trip. That left him running his two young dogs, Jake and Blaze. Jake had a great run the first day, even with helicopters circling several times over his head, but DQ'd the second day. Blaze got a little funky in the outrun department, but ran great once he got his sheep. Blaze is easy to handle, like his sister Gale. Watching him made me more serious in my pursuit to steal him.
Gale and Hanna ran really well, they were steady and consistent.
Bill Orr and Boone won the double lift. Boone really showed his stuff.
We ended up in the local paper.....No crime was committed.
Fire Ridge
Fire Ridge was a great trial for us. Norm and I both made the double lift....kinda. The truth is, there were 63 dogs in the trial. In the average, I was dog # 10 with Hanna and # 11 with Gale. They took 10 back from the average and the winner from each day. Norman with Jake was the only one left to bump me. If he won the day, he would bump the leader of the day, since she was out of the average, and that would get both my dogs in. If he had a decent run, Gale would be out and he would bump Hanna too. No pressure. So he was laying down a smoker with Jake, he was at the drive away panel, missed the panel and drove back through it. He had 0 taken off of his out run, 0 taken off of his lift, 2 taken off of his fetch, 0 taken off of his pen, 0 taken off of his shed, but that whoops gave him 14 taken off of his drive. he still ended up with an 84, 3 points behind the leader, which put him second in the average, and sleeping on the couch.
Now here is where it got interesting. His really good friend, Don Helsley, who also made the double lift said he had to go home to pick up sheep for his sheep camp. That put me back in the double lift with Hanna, and Norman off the couch. Now that is a friend.
Jeanie Helsley ended up 3rd in the double lift. I was 7th with Hanna. Norm was 11th, his young dog got a little excited in the shedding ring and gripped off. The winner was Lynn Johnson. He did a really nice job and when he got done with his run his wife had little tears running down her cheeks. It was a beautiful sight.
A side note was Lanna Rowley's run. During her run, a wind storm came and blew over three porta potties. She hung in there and her dog did a brilliant look back. We never did look in the porta potties to see if anyone was in there. We all couldn't bear the thought. So if you notice any trialers missing, they just might be up at Fire Ridge clinging to life in a tipped over porta potty.
Our young dogs did a great job. Norman placed in the pro-novice with Meg and Ice. It was their first trial. My nursery dog, Jess, had a 76. I was really happy with her. Our friend Mary Ann Lindsay won the Novice. Congratulations to her!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Looking for a dog?
You are in luck. The following dogs are available for purchase. Feel free to phone us for more information. 208.215.4630

Hanna (The Pirate)
Hanna is currently my Open Dog.
She just turned 7 yrs old

Joe is 8 months old

Bailey is 3 yrs old.

Jake (Smiley) is 17 months old
His father was Chris Hansen's Zac, who is out of Jo Ann Zoerb's Mic.
Smiley missed picture day......

Ice is a Drift X Amy born 3-8-06

Jobe is a son of Norm's CV Joe. He is 3 yrs old

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Spirit of a Man
Some people are happy when they win. Some are happy period!
I watched Tommy Wilson pull Jean Gellings' hat off and comically stretch it out for her so it would fit her head better after her big win at Soldier Hollow. He made us laugh until we cried, skipping with Jean down the path from the trial field singing "We are the Champions," rolled up posters waving overhead. Tommy was in the double lift at Soldier Hollow, and had a very good chance to win. Why wasn't he back at his trailer feeling a bit blue, instead of readily assisting Jean have the time of her life after her big win?

At Meeker, Tommy had a great run going, another very possible win, if not for one stubborn ewe in the shed. When time ran out, along with his chance to win, he entertained the crowd by hooking the ewe with his crook and dragging her out of the group. He had to be disappointed, didn't he? But once again, he put us all first, giving us all another great laugh.

That brings us to the finals. He was leading the entire way, only to be bumped to second place toward the very end. I was so disappointed for him I could have cried, but there he was on the webcam once again with a wonderful spirit, putting himself out to make us all laugh, happy as can be. Did he not get the memo??? He did not win the trial, yet there he was, filled with joy, not wasting a minute of this precious life.

Can you learn this stuff? Is there a Tommy Willson attitude clinic coming soon? Sign me up! Maybe a "How To Be A Real Winner" tape, by Tommy Wilson. I will buy one. Heck, I will buy two! What a great dog handler, and an amazing man....

Friday, September 10, 2010


Did I happen to mention we are going to Meeker??? I am happy to report both Norm and I have made it into the Semifinals. Norm drew up first with Gwen and I am eighth with Gale....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lost Language
A language that was spoken for the last 65,000 years was lost with the death of Boa Senior. She was the last one to speak the language of a tribe from India.

The black and white pottery technique of the Anasazi people is likewise gone. It was a precise skill and technique that was practiced for a millennium.

The keepers of the border collie breed seem to understand how one must fight to keep the instinct and working ability of these great dogs intact.
And so I ask, what about the skill and the knowledge of these great dog handlers? How many are really left that can fluently "speak the language?"
At the Lacamas trial last weekend, there was really only one man that could fluently speak the language. I try to understand, knowing I only comprehend the simplest parts of this amazing skill. I am frustrated that I am running out of time and scared for all of us, because I fear that the intricate details could be lost.
Maybe it is the photographer in me that feels panicked that this knowledge and wisdom is not being preserved and duplicated to the extent that it deserves. The horse industy has left us in the dust in the learning and knowledge sharing department. Despite all those damn cars, people are still pretty handy with a horse!
I am sure there will be those that disagree and say there is plenty of knowledge out there and that it is being preserved. To those, I refer you to the Lacamas score boards. Yes, some among us kind-of speak the great language, some know a few words, but only one really knew the language fluently on that day.
So, what does the future hold, and what will happen to the knowledge that we do have now, and the ability to do this fantastic dance with these dogs? I ask, did one child, or even a teenager run a dog at the Lacamas trial, despite there being a novice class? I personally don't know a young handler competing. Time is ticking, I feel panicked, not only for me to learn, but for all of us, and for a skill that I fear will fade away as quietly as a language.
When knowledge is gone it is gone! Anyone out there wish they could ask Johnny Wilson a couple of things?........

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something New!
I promised you some new cool stuff. This image was taken at Big Willow. It is of Ken Johnson's Drift. Ken's Wife Sandy asked me to create something nice for Ken for a gift.
This was one of the images I made for him.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Winners
Congratulations to Dave Claypool and Glen, the winner of the Calgary Stampede. Wendy Schmaltz put on a fabulous show and was the reserve Champion.
Grant Musgrove, a really great guy, won the trailer.
Technology is amazing. We watched it all from our living room!

The Calgary Stampede
The Stampede is on, and the dogs are running! You can watch the live action. Click on the link below. Give it time to load! The Finals are tonight at 7 Alberta time.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Off Line
I am borrowing a computer to blog to you all. I will be off-line for 2 days while I rework my internet services. I will be up again on the 7th of July.
For the next couple of days, if you need us, phone rather than e-mailing.
I have some new exciting images for you all, and I will post them soon.
We will also be offering a couple of new dogs for sale, including a son of Joe. If you're looking for a new dog and want to get the information now rather than later, feel free to phone Norman. In the meantime, check out my new web site, it has a new and improved shopping cart. Hint, hint!
Shopping for art and greeting cards is now a snap.
See you soon................

Friday, June 18, 2010

Other Breeds
We do get people, for lessons and clinics, with other breeds besides border collies.
Occasionally they are concerned that Norman may not have the knowledge to train their "upright" breed or that he may be prejudiced toward something other than a border collie.
Rest assured, it's certainly not true!
This brings me to my new greeting card, "That'll Do Pig". Call today to order yours!
P.S. I raise my right hand and swear....That really is Norman, working a pig, on sheep. I did not add the pig. No, the pig is not for sale!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Delta Bluez
Other than this cute image of Norman's Blaze with Don Helsley's guard dog, I am going to leave the blogging to Diane Pagel. She was at The Dirt Blower and did some nice pictures of Norman and Gwen. She was kind enough to post them on her blog. Here is the link to her site.
Just a quick note...Congratulations to Ellen Skillings. She won the overall Open award at the Dirt Blowing Trial. Gerri Byrne won the overall Pronovice award, and I am happy to report that Norman's young dog, Blaze, was second in the Pronovice overall.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A good day!
I am home this weekend. I have a job to shoot on Saturday and Sunday, and tonight was art walk where all the galleries in Coeur d'Alene stay open and people come in to look at your art. I sold a piece tonight called "The Dirt Blowing Trial."
Norman, ironically, is at the Dirt Blowing Trial, the same trial, that the image is named after, in Dayton, Washington. Today, he and Gwen won the open with an 88. it was a good day.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Congratulations to Handhills Black.
He has officially landed in heaven. He now lives in Goleta, California with Rita and Paul Morneault. Rita and Paul flew up to Coeur d' Alene to pick up Black, so he wouldn't have to fly home alone.
Great people, very happy dog!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We are offering Eve for sale. She is 7 months old and is keen on sheep. She is a daughter of my Hanna and Norman's Jake.
Call Norman for details 208-215-4630

Out from under the bed!
I guess the truth is, when I am scared the written words just don't come. It has been a long time since I posted, a lot has gone on.
In a world where we have too much drama, I saved you from a little more. Leah's surgery was a huge success, and then things went south for a while. Her brain swelled, her health declined, she got better, then worse, then worse, she had a second surgery, then worse, then slowly better, and better.
We were in Seattle for 20 days. I saw more tragedy there than I cared to, from the homeless people that finished my breakfast every morning, to Leah's hospital roommate that sat alone, day after day, with half her skull removed.
While I felt like I was in hell, I am thankful for the experience, and have such gratitude for the doctors and nurses at Harborview. They are amazing.
I am so happy to tell you that, two days ago, Leah drove a car. Today she went back to work as a makeup artist for half a day. She is herself, same personality, only slightly funnier-really, no kidding. The part of her brain they worked on has a lot to do with her emotions. Some people come out angry, she on the other hand, thinks everything is funny! Me too, and, like always, we have fun together.
Please know how much gratitude I have for each of you that entered Leah's trial. You helped me help her, and I really can't thank you enough............Now then, back to the dogs!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I want to thank you
all so very much for entering my sister's trial. I cannot tell you what your kindness means to me and to my family. Most of you entered a trial that would never really happen, to help a girl you don't even know. And a few of you thought a dog trial was something you go to to get your dog out of the pound, but you entered anyway. Together we have raised $4,080 to help Leah. My parents are stunned at the outpouring of love and kindness you all have shown. Trust me, I will never have to explain to them again why I drive all over the country to do this dog thing, and they now know what kind of people I am with, you are wonderful!
I want you to know you helped the right girl. Leah is a giver, you are lucky if you know her, she is a beauty!
I am sorry if I didn't mention your dog in the blog, please know I appreciate you all. Time in the real world, unfortunately, goes fast and I type slow.

I know you're all wondering who actually won the trial. Lynn Stringer of Arizona actually won the trial with her border collie Sam. Don't ask me how she pulled if off, her specialty is agility, but she and Sam laid a smoker down. I guess she has been practicing...............

The winner of the last print, "Welcome Home" is Stephanie Messey of California.

Tomorrow we head to Seattle. Leah's surgery is the next day. Good Night!

" Misty Morning Drive"
We have drawn for the Limited Edition print "Misty Morning Drive" and the winner is ..
Nancy Forshaw, and Seeker. Congratulations Nancy!
More news from the field
We're back with the wrap-up of today's action and, trust me, with all the different breeds of dogs we have had our share.
John Bevins and his friend Flicka were a late entry and I bet he is glad he entered as he was wonderful out there. I heard rumors he is giving up fishing and going dog trialing full time.
Dana Davie was brilliant with Drift, they had one of the nicest drives of the day.
It looks like the time off has done Nancy Obernier's Jesse a world of good. She is an amazing little dog.
Marty Schorzman ran Striker, his best hound, named that way for his keen nose and the ability to strike on a scent while traveling. Being the crafty gent that Marty is, when he walked the course, he did so with a coon skin dragging behind. With his nose to the ground and the sheep not knowing the difference, Striker maneuvered the sheep perfectly through the course. The plan was a brilliant one, up to the shedding ring. That's when Striker busted through the middle of the sheep, went to the pen, and kept on going.
Betsy Drummond was laying one down with Sammy, which is not a surprise. The big surprise was how good the judge's hearing still is, since Mr. Wilson is in his 100's. Unfortunately Betsy was D.Q. for a few choice words in the shedding ring.
Terri Hanson ran his little bitch Gyp. What can you say about her that hasn't been said. She has talent to spare, and it showed out there today.
Jeanie Helsley broke out her old Tip dog today, and what a sight to see. Jeanie purchased a Honda 250 for Tip and he rode that to the top of his out run, left his bike there, and completed the rest of the run to perfection. Apparently the judge ruled that legal, as he was wearing a helmet. Our youngest competitor, Max Close, ran his Grandpa's Joe. He is a chip off the old block, Max has been going to dog trials his whole life-- he is almost 1.
Les Schorzman ran his hound, Chucker. He sent him left, Chucker was going out nice and wide on his out run when he lost sight of him. Eventually Les caught up to him, Chucker had treed the game keeper's cat. The promising young handler award went to Ryan La Fortune, a very handsome lad with a cool head, and his Airdale Finn.
Scott Glen once again dealt a heavy blow to his competitors with his secret weapon, Teddy, a doxie cross. Teddy was lethal in the shedding ring, being more toward the long and skinny side, and able to fit through the narrowest of gaps!
Drawing for Rebecca
We are getting ready to do the first draw for the Limited Edition print "Rebecca." It is number
11 /250. The value of the print is $290. Every dog entry went into the hat for the drawing.
And the winner is..........................Penny KUKUK , from Montana with Alice the Kelpie.
Is Penny here to accept her prize?...........Did we mention you must be present to win??
Just joking, Congratulations Penny. Now back to the trial!
We have seen some great runs so far today.
Bill Orr and Boone were first up this morning. Boone had no trouble spotting his sheep. They laid down a beautiful run and set the bar early on. Sarah La Fortune ran better than I have ever seen her run, pulling off a beautiful shed and pen with Angus . It was great to see Maria Mick and Ben together again. I think everyone will agree they are a beautiful team to watch.
It was Sherri Rewoldt's first trip to England and her first open run with Bren. Look for them in the future as they had a strong showing. Cheryl Munson is always impressive on the field. She has a quiet way with her dogs, and they maneuvered through the course easily.
It looks as if there was a slight rule change at this trial. One competitor, Susie Schorzman, was allowed to run a brace due to the size of her dogs, and her family influence --she is Leah's mother. The trial committee (Norman Close) thought it best that he give her every advantage he could, since she is also his mother-in-law. The old saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know" is still very true. Susie sent her Pomeranian, Cricket, to the left and Tinker Bell to the right. The lift was a bit dicey, but she maneuvered the little rascals well through the course, that is, up until the shedding ring where Tinker Bell heeled one, while the judge, Mr. Wilson, tried his best to look away! Unfortunately Tinker kept at it all the way through the beer tent where Susie eventually retired!
Look for more results later.

Good Morning
We have a beautiful morning at Lowther Castle. The fog is burning off and the sun is starting to shine!
The committee is setting the course. It is a 500 yard out run, with a left hand drive.
The sheep are being moved to the set out pens.

They are a beautiful flock of young Scottish
Black Face Ewes.
We have a couple of cows that need to be separated
from the flock and we will get underway.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Running Order

Wow! Folks, we have 204 dogs running tomorrow at Lowther Castle.

Everyone has made it safe and sound to England, with only one minor problem at the border. Apparently Rob Drummond raised some suspicion. However, after an extensive background check, and the exchange of a few dollars, they let him in.

We have some tough competitors. They have arrived from all over the United States and Canada. We have one English competitor, Linda Close, who will definitely have the home field advantage. The Canadians have a strong presence here, although there is some question as to the 35 year old dog that Scott Glen has chosen to run. Team USA has dominated the trial in numbers, and will prove to be a force to be reckoned with.

The weather is supposed to be great. We will get started at 10 a.m., after everyone has had a nice breakfast. After all, this is a fantasy trial and time is not of the essence.

1. Orr Bill Boone

2. Doerschel Mark ????????

3. La Fortune Sarah Angus

4. Noll Sue Bear

5. Mick Maria Ben

6. Block Barbara Bill

7. Wilson Eugene Bobby

8. Rewoldt Sherrie Bren

9. Wilson Eugene Bunny

10. Munson Cheryl Casey

11. Bevins John Chollie

12. Schorzman Susie Cricket

13. Pelkey Terrilyn Dash

14. Davie Dana Drift

15. Davie Dana Duke

16. Northrup Sharon Eve

17. Capps Kyle Fluff

18. Orr Susan Glenn

19. Meesey Stephanie Grace

20. Block Barbara Gull

21. Johnson Ken Hap

22. Wessels Sue Hickory

23. Vedder Shawna Jazzie

24. Roeter Robert Jet

25. Close Norman Joe

26. Peterson Mark Kate

27. Gurley Kathy Koda

28. Imas Dave Russel

29. Meesey Stephanie Louie

30. Thompson Kim Mabel

31. O'Brien Erin Mick

32. Nieslanik Ellen Molly

33. Lumb Lee Nan

34. Drummond Betsy Ollie

35. Maloney Becky Pudge

36. Schorzman Larry Reba

37. Close Linda Robbie

38. Henry Christine Rook

39. Meesey Stephanie Lala

40. Levy Martin Sally

41. Glen Scott Scamp

42. Nelson Rhonda Shadow

43. Smith Dayna Skippy

44. Duezabou Peggy Snicket

45. Wilson Joanne Sugar

46. Byrne Geri Ted

47. Becker Sascha The Dog

48. Herr Laurel TJ

49. Price Marie Tuffy

50. Moody Ruth Youkon

51. Rivers Kathleen ??????????

52. Johnson Carol Abby

53. Johnston Lynn Anna

54. Sumner Patti Beka

55. Price Marie Ben

56. Duezabou Peggy Birdie

57. Dewey-White Suki Bock

58. Asten Sue Brook

59. Schorzman Marty Striker

60. Price Lisa Cashew

61. Schorzman Les Chucker

62. Noll Sue Crymo

63. Green Jaime DeltaBluez

64. Heibertshausen Joyce Drift

65. Kilpatrick Karen Dutch Muff

66. La Fortune Dave Finn

67. Thau Elissa Fuschia

68. Nieslanik Ellen Gnat

69. Davie Stephen Grace

70. Herr Kirby Gunner

71. Dewey-White Suki Harp

72. Close Vickie Ice Cream

73. Coapman Amy Jean

74. Byrne Geri Jim

75. Schorzman Les Josie

76. Labell Natlee Kate

77. Taylor Susan Kyu

78. McLeod Rose Lexy

79.Vankoughnett Kim Luci

80. Close Linda Magic

81. Herr Helen Mikah

82. Levy Martin Molly

83. Withnell Lora Nell

84. Gurley Kathy Pecas

85. Rhodes Nicole Queen

86. Munson Cheryl Reg

87. Nadeau Bob Rocko

88. Horton Terri Roscoe

89. Baker Elizabeth Rye

90. Moody Ruth Sam

91. Drummond Rob Scout

92. Nadeau Linda Shep

93. Linbo Nora Skye

94. Baker Elizabeth Soot

95. Capps Jamie Tara

96. Glen Scott Teddy

97. Schorzman Susie Tinker

98. Price Marie Tony

99. McHardy Martha Vic

100. O'Brien Erin Z

101. Coughlin Jr William R ????????

102. KUKUK Penny Alice

103. Price Lisa Bailey

104. Cecil Karen Bella

105. Atkins Paul Hemp

106. Martinez Priscilla Ben

107. Price Marie Bo

108. Rivers Kathleen ??????

109. Reuter Janis Bryn

110. Marroni Dee Cap

111. Lumb Lee Chica

112. Cecil Valerie Cosmo

113. Lindsay Mary Ann Danny blue Hemp

114. KUKUK Penny DJ

115. Linbo Nora Drift

116. Hewitt Molly Ellie BC

117. Festerling Gisela Flash

118. Schorzman Tonya George

119. Thau Elissa Grace

120. Moody Ruth Griz

121. Yamamoto T Gunny

122. Davie Stephen Hawk

123. Roeter Robert Jade

124. Johnston Alison Jesse

125. Helsley Don Jock

126. Cooney Thomas Josie

127. Asten Sue Katy

128. Orr Bill Lad

129. Florence Jamie Linc

130. Williams Julie Lucy

131. Meesey Stephanie Matt

132. Price Lisa Minnie

133. Boudrieau Jeanne Moses

134. Glen Jennifer Nessie

135. Drummond Betsy Pete

136. Dewey-White Suki Queen

137. Clark David Rex

138. Boudrieau Jeanne Rocky

139. Brunner Holly Rosie

140. Dewey-White Suki Sadie

141. Drummond Betsy Sammy

142. Moody Ruth Scrappy

143. Pagel Diane Shiro

144. Festerling Gisela Sly

145. Close Vickie Sprinkles

146. Ferguson Jo Teak

147. L'Arrivee Jennifer Tess

148. Helsley Jeanie Tip

149. Thompson Karen Trey

150. Oikawa Kristi Wicked

151. Hansen Terri Zac

152. Haire Jodi ??????????

153. Price Marie Andy

154. Oikawa Kristi Bear

155. Withnell Lora Bella

156. Ferguson Jo Bet

157. Pelkey Terrilyn Bob

158. Munson Steve Boss

159. Moody Ruth Bug

160. Marroni Jeff Carmen

161. Glen Jennifer Chip

162. Kilpatrick Karen Coyote Coco

163. Russo Carol Dante

164. Florence Jamie Dot

165. Russo Carol Dude

166. Munson Steve Erik

167. Bevins John Flicka

168. Price Lisa Ginger

169. Peterson Mark Grace

170. Dewey-White Suki Guinness

171. Hansen Terri Gyp

172. Meesey Stephanie Herb

173. McLeod Rose Jana

174. Obernier Nancy Jesse

175. Close Max Joe

176. Masi Margaret Kane

177. Brunner Holly Kip

178. Capps Kyle Lady

179. Roberge Larry Little

180. Stringer Lynn Sam

181. Orr Susan Max

182. Brunner Holly Mirk

183. Schubert Lorri Mot

184. Roberge Larry Olie

185. Meesey Stephanie Pete

186. Maricle Judy Rags

187. La Fortune Ryan Rex

188. Stringer Lynn N Rohan

189. Baker Elizabeth Ross

190. Thompson Karen Sage

191.Vankoughnett Kim Sara

192. Forshaw Nancy Seeker

193. Kriss Kerri Shylee

194. Bright Dezi Snapper

195. Drummond Rob Spy

196. Hansen Terri Teak

197. Calzacorta Lavon Tess

198. Orr Bill Tipp

199. Linhart Deni Trump

200. Russo Carol Wink

201. Bevins John Zoe

202. Atkins Paul Jade

203. Sandy Morgan Red-Gi

204. Imas Dave Cap