Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We have seen some great runs so far today.
Bill Orr and Boone were first up this morning. Boone had no trouble spotting his sheep. They laid down a beautiful run and set the bar early on. Sarah La Fortune ran better than I have ever seen her run, pulling off a beautiful shed and pen with Angus . It was great to see Maria Mick and Ben together again. I think everyone will agree they are a beautiful team to watch.
It was Sherri Rewoldt's first trip to England and her first open run with Bren. Look for them in the future as they had a strong showing. Cheryl Munson is always impressive on the field. She has a quiet way with her dogs, and they maneuvered through the course easily.
It looks as if there was a slight rule change at this trial. One competitor, Susie Schorzman, was allowed to run a brace due to the size of her dogs, and her family influence --she is Leah's mother. The trial committee (Norman Close) thought it best that he give her every advantage he could, since she is also his mother-in-law. The old saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know" is still very true. Susie sent her Pomeranian, Cricket, to the left and Tinker Bell to the right. The lift was a bit dicey, but she maneuvered the little rascals well through the course, that is, up until the shedding ring where Tinker Bell heeled one, while the judge, Mr. Wilson, tried his best to look away! Unfortunately Tinker kept at it all the way through the beer tent where Susie eventually retired!
Look for more results later.

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  1. You gotta watch those Poms! Crafty little dogs. Now when my GSD Nessie runs, she'll show you how to do it!