Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Looking for a dog?
You are in luck. The following dogs are available for purchase. Feel free to phone us for more information. 208.215.4630

Hanna (The Pirate)
Hanna is currently my Open Dog.
She just turned 7 yrs old

Joe is 8 months old

Bailey is 3 yrs old.

Jake (Smiley) is 17 months old
His father was Chris Hansen's Zac, who is out of Jo Ann Zoerb's Mic.
Smiley missed picture day......

Ice is a Drift X Amy born 3-8-06

Jobe is a son of Norm's CV Joe. He is 3 yrs old

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Spirit of a Man
Some people are happy when they win. Some are happy period!
I watched Tommy Wilson pull Jean Gellings' hat off and comically stretch it out for her so it would fit her head better after her big win at Soldier Hollow. He made us laugh until we cried, skipping with Jean down the path from the trial field singing "We are the Champions," rolled up posters waving overhead. Tommy was in the double lift at Soldier Hollow, and had a very good chance to win. Why wasn't he back at his trailer feeling a bit blue, instead of readily assisting Jean have the time of her life after her big win?

At Meeker, Tommy had a great run going, another very possible win, if not for one stubborn ewe in the shed. When time ran out, along with his chance to win, he entertained the crowd by hooking the ewe with his crook and dragging her out of the group. He had to be disappointed, didn't he? But once again, he put us all first, giving us all another great laugh.

That brings us to the finals. He was leading the entire way, only to be bumped to second place toward the very end. I was so disappointed for him I could have cried, but there he was on the webcam once again with a wonderful spirit, putting himself out to make us all laugh, happy as can be. Did he not get the memo??? He did not win the trial, yet there he was, filled with joy, not wasting a minute of this precious life.

Can you learn this stuff? Is there a Tommy Willson attitude clinic coming soon? Sign me up! Maybe a "How To Be A Real Winner" tape, by Tommy Wilson. I will buy one. Heck, I will buy two! What a great dog handler, and an amazing man....

Friday, September 10, 2010


Did I happen to mention we are going to Meeker??? I am happy to report both Norm and I have made it into the Semifinals. Norm drew up first with Gwen and I am eighth with Gale....