Monday, November 28, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dogs for Sale 
This is a wonderful business. We love what we do, but the honest truth is that filming dogs is the worst job we have. We both would rather pick up a yard full of poop than do a dog video. Our marriage is always in serious trouble on video day and we know it. I want to do something cool, and he doesn't want to do it at all. We swear to each other that we are not going to fight, no, not this time, but rarely do we keep our oath. You see, when you point a camera at Norman, he transforms into an instant grouch. It is the same reaction you would get if you were, say, holding a gun on him. Not only is he camera shy, he actually would like to strangle you because he is busy. "He has dogs to train," and he resents this little interruption, like a dog can sometimes resent a down. Oh, he will do it, because he has to, but don't expect him to be happy about it. No sir, not happy!  I kindly say to him, "Carry on, don't mind me. I will just shoot a little, while you train your dogs. Can we just go over there, where it's better light? Do that again  No, I missed it. Can you do it just one more time? If you wouldn't mind hurrying up, I have my own work to do. No, I said I missed it. Well since I am already standing here, why don't you send her the other way? Well, that's boring, that's why. Forget it, just forget it!"The good news is, we're still in love and still married, and the sale dog videos are up on the sale page. Here is the link
Now get to watching them!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Brand New
Check out our new website. Our old web address will work, but we have also shortened it to or has a new email Now how easy is that? 
We hope you find the new site easier to navigate, and easier to view. The sale dog page is updated. The news page will open in a separate page, so getting back to the site is easier than ever. 
We have added some of my art and gifts, they are easy to view and the shopping cart is simple to use. 
The most exciting news is we have a new product coming out called Crate N Safe. We're dying to hear your thoughts on Crate N Safe. Have you ever had a wire crate accident?    We                                                                                                                                  We would love to get your feedback!
Fire Ridge
Norm was on Fire at Fire Ridge. It started very badly for him. His Meg hit her head, and she had a concussion right before the trial. Her balance was off and she clearly couldn't run. Norm was one dog short in the Open. I had planned to stay home for the weekend to finish a commercial job, and all the training dogs had arrived, so rather than take them on the road, I stayed behind and watched the place. That left my Open dog, Gale, hanging out doing nothing. I bought Gale from Norm years ago, he hadn't worked her since, but we thought she might run for him. It was a chance, but a far better chance than not running at all. He gave her a spin in the yard before he left and away they went. Run for him she did. On the second day they won the Open with a 95 and also made it into the Double Lift. I think they ended up seventh. In addition, he won the Pro-novice with Cody, a dog he sold to, and runs for, Brian Ricards. It was only Cody's second trial. So the old joke stands, "Norm Close has a pretty good discard pile."
 It was a great weekend, and quite a thrill to have my guy and girl do so well, not quite as good as being there and doing it myself, but a close second, and being able to take a hot bath every night sure made up the difference.

Thank you Dawn Pucci for the pictures