Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tuff N Up 
We have a new product, it is called Handhills Tuff N Up. It is a pad healer that really works! It toughens and protects your dog's feet. It also helps heal injured pads. Since it has been out, we have been receiving testimonials from people that are using it. The pictures below were sent to us by Jan Mayr from Pennsylvania. Her dog, Seeker, does agility and ripped his pad on rubber matting. She started using the product on day one of the injury. In only four days Seeker is back in action, and with a smile on his face! Thank you Jan for the photos and feedback. 
Click here for the Tuff N Up website
Day 1

Day 3
Day 4
Seeker, a very happy Tuff N Up customer

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Unfortunately, Christine Koval has lost her dog Rook to cancer.  We were at the Blue Grass when they made the Double Lift. It was a pleasure to see them work together. They had that bond that everyone hopes to have with their dog. He will be sorely missed, she has a gash in her heart, tears for you..........