Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something New!
I promised you some new cool stuff. This image was taken at Big Willow. It is of Ken Johnson's Drift. Ken's Wife Sandy asked me to create something nice for Ken for a gift.
This was one of the images I made for him.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Winners
Congratulations to Dave Claypool and Glen, the winner of the Calgary Stampede. Wendy Schmaltz put on a fabulous show and was the reserve Champion.
Grant Musgrove, a really great guy, won the trailer.
Technology is amazing. We watched it all from our living room!

The Calgary Stampede
The Stampede is on, and the dogs are running! You can watch the live action. Click on the link below. Give it time to load! The Finals are tonight at 7 Alberta time.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Off Line
I am borrowing a computer to blog to you all. I will be off-line for 2 days while I rework my internet services. I will be up again on the 7th of July.
For the next couple of days, if you need us, phone rather than e-mailing.
I have some new exciting images for you all, and I will post them soon.
We will also be offering a couple of new dogs for sale, including a son of Joe. If you're looking for a new dog and want to get the information now rather than later, feel free to phone Norman. In the meantime, check out my new web site, it has a new and improved shopping cart. Hint, hint!
Shopping for art and greeting cards is now a snap.
See you soon................