Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The News!!
It's me, Jess, you know the Tess/Boone cross. I am filling in because it's been hectic around here, busy, busy, busy. My humans are getting ready for traveling. They are trying to find transportation for the entire family, and we are a big family. Last year some of us were left behind with puppy sitters or with grandma (which wasn't half bad) but this year we're all going......except the cat.
The snow is melting, but we are still renting indoor facilities to work the woollies.
I had my first official go last week. I don't want to brag, but it went pretty well, I think all those You-Tube videos have really paid off!
The sheep with the broken leg is still hopping, but on the mend.
I don't think we told you, but I have a new buddy named Cody (Cowboy Cody). Here is his picture.
He is a son of that fancy dog of Elizabeth Bakers, named Rye. He's tons of fun but he has really put the heat on me over this potty training thing. Who knew they would get so excited about a little dog sitting at the door..........I would have gone to the hard is that!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meet Chance, 
As in "Last Chance."
Norman went out in the morning and there he was. His little leg was broken, and no one was talking. If there is a witness, they don't seem to be coming forward. We suspect the Ram, as he can be rough on these little guys, but no one is pointing a hoof at him. We think intimidation may be playing a role, as the Ram seems to have some sort of control over the entire flock.
I guess we will never know for sure.
Chance's leg is broken up high, toward his shoulder. After consulting a professional sheep leg fixer, and my physical therapist, we came up with this plan:
We used a plastic water bottle, cut off the ends, and then cut it down the middle. We set his leg, wrapped it with gauze and vet wrap, placed the bottle around the break, duct taped it in place, put his leg through the arm of my sweater, folded the end of the sleeve back up his leg, and duct taped the heck out of it. The final touch was pulling the sweater up tight and sewing it with yarn to his wool. We will keep you posted on his progress. Special thanks goes to the professional sheep leg fixer, and my physio.
Saving lamb at a time!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here's a handy item. This dog waterer holds 2.5 gallons of water.  You just undo the cap, and there you have it, water and bowl all in one. I am going to set out a couple of these at the trial and be done with the watering job. No more looking for a bowl and no more pouring half of the water on the ground, trying to hit the bowl. When you're heading home you replace the plug  and go. Very cool.  You can find them at

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I have a dream!
 Over the last week or two, I have been trying to get entry forms together to enter trials like the Blue Grass and others. I am, once again, frustrated and exhausted from cutting, pasting, Googling, Yahooing, and searching for trial entries. I feel like I am on a treasure hunt or going through a rite of passage.
 I have waited this thing out, thinking "I must be missing something." I have asked the question "Why is there not ONE standard place that we can go and download the entry?"No one seems to know why and, at best, the answer I get is, "My trial fills, so why should I care."
  Here’s a question. Is this some sort of test? Is this to eliminate the unworthy from entering trials? Are we checking IQ's to see if people are clever enough to own this amazing breed of dog? Or is this just a sick little joke? Yes, the way we do it now works, of course it works. With a lot of sweat and frustration, a shovel works too, but a back-hoe works better. Some of you right now are thinking, "I think a shovel actually works better in small areas," to which I answer, I am climbing on the roof of the barn and I am about to jump! Thank goodness we didn't have the same mind set regarding indoor plumbing. Maybe that’s it. Have all those trial porta-potties slowed our thinking?
 No wonder our trial hosts are so exhausted by the time the trial rolls around. They have copied, pasted, linked and sent 150 emails, all containing their trial entry. I’m tired, just thinking about it. Wouldn't it be neat to go to one place, see a list of trials by date, and press the link for the entry? Sure it’s nice to have their email address, but I wouldn't need to bother them if I could just grab the entry. I am sure that it’s nice for the trial secretary to get emails from their friends, but 50 requests for entries......I feel weak.

 The problem is not without a solution. It is so simple. All you do is add a link to an already existing list. Next to the email link is the link to the entry. It is simple, it is free, and it takes 5 seconds to add the additional link.

 This could be such a relief to all involved. No more confusion, no more searching. If the entry isn't on the list, we can assume it is not out.
 Now then, what do I need to do to make this happen? Refuse to eat? Wear pink? Make special bracelets, or threaten to paper cut my wrists with the 2009 USBCHA finals entry, when I finally locate it! I am willing to put the list on my site or help any way I can...........

 Some people want to find a cure for AIDS, others rescue starving orphans. I am a simple woman. If I could get all the USBCHA trial entry forms in one place, where people could click and print, I think I could rest in peace!