Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here's a handy item. This dog waterer holds 2.5 gallons of water.  You just undo the cap, and there you have it, water and bowl all in one. I am going to set out a couple of these at the trial and be done with the watering job. No more looking for a bowl and no more pouring half of the water on the ground, trying to hit the bowl. When you're heading home you replace the plug  and go. Very cool.  You can find them at

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  1. Those things are the greatest! Back some where about 2003/2004 I was up at Helsley Ranch and Jeanie showed me hers and gave me the number so I could order in bulk for sale in my store from the fella that had invented them. I ordered about 25 of them, took half to Meeker with me to sell when I had a booth there, and boy did those things go fast! Silly me however, had forgotten the retail price, and ended up selling them at wholesale cost, and it didnt take long before they were all gone! Luckily I had held back 3 for myself back home cause by the time I came home from Meeker, the ones in the store had been all sold too! When I moved, some how they ended up not being in the "My" stuff boxes, and I dont have any anymore.Thanks for posting that I can get them through Don and Jeanie, as I have long since lost the gentlemans card that Id bought my original ones from. I miss not having them.