Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tomorrow is the last day to enter!
What a response we have had for Leah's trial! I am adding another Limited Edition print to the drawing: "Rebecca".
If you would like to enter Leah's trial, here is the link,
Below are the latest entries. Thank you so much!


Baker Elizabeth Rye

Baker Elizabeth Soot

Baker Elizabeth Ross

Martinez Priscilla Ben

Nadeau Linda Shep

Schorzman Tonya George

Branibar Cheryl ??????

Close Linda Magic

Close Linda Robbie

Helsley Jeanie Tip

Helsley Jeanie Jock

Johnson Carol Abby

Levy Martin Sally

Levy Martin Molly

Maloney Becky Pudge

Schorzman Susie Cricket

Schorzman Susie Tinker

Thompson Kim Mabel

Wessels Sue Hickory

Forshaw Nancy Seeker

Heibertshausen Joyce Drift

Lumb Lee Chica

Lumb Lee Nan

McHardy Martha Vic

Pelkey Terrilyn Dash

Pelkey Terrilyn Bob

Reuter Janis Bryn

Rivers Kathleen ??????????

Rivers Kathleen ??????

Russo Carol Dante

Russo Carol Wink

Russo Carol Dude

Schubert Lorri Mot

Thompson Karen Trey

Thompson Karen Sage

Coughlin Jr William R ????????????

Nieslanik Joe Gnat

Nieslanik Joe Molly

Roeter Robert Jade

Roeter Robert Jet

Davie Stephen Drift

Davie Dana Hawk

Davie Dana Duke

Davie Stephen Grace

La Fortune Sarah Finn

La Fortune Sarah Rex

La Fortune Sarah Angus

Marroni Dee Cap

Nadeau Bob Rocko

Capps Kyle Lady

Capps Kyle Fluff

Capps Jamie Tara

Johnston Lynn Anna

Johnston Alison Jesse

Kilpatrick Karen Coyote Coco

Kilpatrick Karen Dutch Muff

Munson Cheryl Reg

Munson Cheryl Casey

Munson Steve Boss

Munson Steve Erik

Orr Bill Boone

Orr Bill Lad

Orr Bill Tipp

Orr Susan Glenn

Orr Susan Max

Rewoldt Sherrie Bren

Withnell Lora Nell

Withnell Lora Bella

Marroni Jeff Carmen

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

90 Dogs & Counting
So far we have 90 dogs entered in the Fantasy Dog Trial to benefit Leah Price.
There are 6 days left to enter the trial.
If you would like to enter, here is the link: website

Below is a list of people that have entered up to this point.
Read the list, and if you know any of these people, give them a hug from me, and thank them for making a difference!


1 Bonnie Block Bill

2 Bonnie Block Gull

3 Christine Henry Rook

4 David Imas Russell

5 David Imas Cap

6 Dayna Smith Skippy

7 Dezi Bright Snapper

8 Diane Pagel Shiro

9 Elissa Thau Grace

10 Elissa Thau Fuschia

11 Erin O'Brien Mick

12 Erin O'Brien Z

13 Geri Byrne Jim

14 Geri Byrne Ted

15 Gisela Festerling Sly

16 Gisela Festerling Flash

17 Helen Herr Mikah

18 Holly Brunner Mirk

19 Holly Brunner Rosie

20 Holly Brunner Kip

21 Jaime Green DeltaBluez Jet

22 Jeanne Boudrieau Moses

23 Jeanne Boudrieau Rocky

24 Jennifer Glen Nessie

25 Jennifer Glen Chip

26 Jennifer L'Arrivee Tess

27 Jo Ferguson Teak

28 Jo Ferguson Bet

29 Jodi Haire ??

30 Judy Maricle Rags

31 Julie Williams Lucy

32 Karen Cecil Bella

33 Ken Johnson Hap

34 Kerri Kriss Shylee

35 Kirby Herr Gunner

36 Kristi Oikawa Bear

37 Kristi Oikawa Wicked

38 Laurel Herr TJ

39 Lisa Price Bailey

40 Lisa Price Ginger

41 Lisa Price Minnie

42 Lisa Price Cashew

43 Lynn Stringer Sam

44 Lynn Stringer Rohan

45 Maria Mick Ben

46 Mark Doerschel ?

47 Mark Peterson Grace

48 Mark Peterson Kate

49 Mary Ann Lindsay Danny blue Hemp

50 Molly Hewitt Ellie

51 Nancy Obernier ?

52 Nathali Labell Kate

53 Nicole Rhodes Queen

54 Nora Linbo Drift

55 Nora Linbo Skye

56 Norman Close Joe

57 Patti Sumner Beka

58 Peggy Duezabou Birdie

59 Peggy Duezabou Snicket

60 Penny KUKUK Alice

61 Penny KUKUK DJ

62 Rhonda Nelson ?

63 Rose McLeod Jana

64 Rose McLeod Lexy

65 Sascha Becker The Dog

66 Scott Glen Scamp

67 Scott Glen Teddy

68 Sharon Northrup Eve

69 Stephanie Meesey Lala

70 Stephanie Meesey Grace

71 Stephanie Meesey Pete

72 Stephanie Meesey Matt

73 Stephanie Meesey Herb

74 Stephanie Meesey Louie

75 Sue Asten Katy

76 Sue Asten Brook

77 Terri Hansen Teak

78 Chris Hansen Zac

79 Chris Hansen Gyp

80 Terri Horton Roscoe

81 Thomas Cooney Josie

82 Valerie Cecil Cosmo

83 Larry Roberge Olie

84 Larry Roberge Little

85 Wolftown ?

86 Eugene Wilson Bobby

87 Eugene Wilson Sugar

88 Jo Anne Wilson Bunny

89 Kathy Gurley Koda

90 Kathy Gurley Pecas

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fantasy Dog Trial

I need your help, if you are able. My sister, Leah, has a brain tumor. She

will be operated on the

5th of March in Seattle, WA.

It will be a 5 hour surgery.
1st, and most

importantly, please include her in your prayers and 2nd, we

have put together a fantasy dog trial for

her benefit. If you

would like to escape reality and

run a dog in our England trial, click

on the link and

it will give you more details.

Everyone that enters the trial will be entered in the drawing for my

print, "Welcome Home". It is # 20/250.
3rd, and last, if you would be so kind as to help me get the

word out by sending this link to your friends, I would be grateful.
Thanks much,