Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The News!!
It's me, Jess, you know the Tess/Boone cross. I am filling in because it's been hectic around here, busy, busy, busy. My humans are getting ready for traveling. They are trying to find transportation for the entire family, and we are a big family. Last year some of us were left behind with puppy sitters or with grandma (which wasn't half bad) but this year we're all going......except the cat.
The snow is melting, but we are still renting indoor facilities to work the woollies.
I had my first official go last week. I don't want to brag, but it went pretty well, I think all those You-Tube videos have really paid off!
The sheep with the broken leg is still hopping, but on the mend.
I don't think we told you, but I have a new buddy named Cody (Cowboy Cody). Here is his picture.
He is a son of that fancy dog of Elizabeth Bakers, named Rye. He's tons of fun but he has really put the heat on me over this potty training thing. Who knew they would get so excited about a little dog sitting at the door..........I would have gone to the hard is that!!!!


  1. Congratulations on the new pups :)

  2. Thanks Nat, were looking forward to your litter from Kate and Casey

  3. I am very excited as well, let's hope she will cooperate for Casey and be a good girl for Rob.
    She can be a little princess you know LOL.