Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I want to thank you
all so very much for entering my sister's trial. I cannot tell you what your kindness means to me and to my family. Most of you entered a trial that would never really happen, to help a girl you don't even know. And a few of you thought a dog trial was something you go to to get your dog out of the pound, but you entered anyway. Together we have raised $4,080 to help Leah. My parents are stunned at the outpouring of love and kindness you all have shown. Trust me, I will never have to explain to them again why I drive all over the country to do this dog thing, and they now know what kind of people I am with, you are wonderful!
I want you to know you helped the right girl. Leah is a giver, you are lucky if you know her, she is a beauty!
I am sorry if I didn't mention your dog in the blog, please know I appreciate you all. Time in the real world, unfortunately, goes fast and I type slow.

I know you're all wondering who actually won the trial. Lynn Stringer of Arizona actually won the trial with her border collie Sam. Don't ask me how she pulled if off, her specialty is agility, but she and Sam laid a smoker down. I guess she has been practicing...............

The winner of the last print, "Welcome Home" is Stephanie Messey of California.

Tomorrow we head to Seattle. Leah's surgery is the next day. Good Night!


  1. Thank you for an enjoyable trial! Give your sister our best wishes for her surgery.

  2. What thrilling ride ;) Great fun, happy to help out, best wishes.


  3. Vicky, how is your sister doing?