Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More news from the field
We're back with the wrap-up of today's action and, trust me, with all the different breeds of dogs we have had our share.
John Bevins and his friend Flicka were a late entry and I bet he is glad he entered as he was wonderful out there. I heard rumors he is giving up fishing and going dog trialing full time.
Dana Davie was brilliant with Drift, they had one of the nicest drives of the day.
It looks like the time off has done Nancy Obernier's Jesse a world of good. She is an amazing little dog.
Marty Schorzman ran Striker, his best hound, named that way for his keen nose and the ability to strike on a scent while traveling. Being the crafty gent that Marty is, when he walked the course, he did so with a coon skin dragging behind. With his nose to the ground and the sheep not knowing the difference, Striker maneuvered the sheep perfectly through the course. The plan was a brilliant one, up to the shedding ring. That's when Striker busted through the middle of the sheep, went to the pen, and kept on going.
Betsy Drummond was laying one down with Sammy, which is not a surprise. The big surprise was how good the judge's hearing still is, since Mr. Wilson is in his 100's. Unfortunately Betsy was D.Q. for a few choice words in the shedding ring.
Terri Hanson ran his little bitch Gyp. What can you say about her that hasn't been said. She has talent to spare, and it showed out there today.
Jeanie Helsley broke out her old Tip dog today, and what a sight to see. Jeanie purchased a Honda 250 for Tip and he rode that to the top of his out run, left his bike there, and completed the rest of the run to perfection. Apparently the judge ruled that legal, as he was wearing a helmet. Our youngest competitor, Max Close, ran his Grandpa's Joe. He is a chip off the old block, Max has been going to dog trials his whole life-- he is almost 1.
Les Schorzman ran his hound, Chucker. He sent him left, Chucker was going out nice and wide on his out run when he lost sight of him. Eventually Les caught up to him, Chucker had treed the game keeper's cat. The promising young handler award went to Ryan La Fortune, a very handsome lad with a cool head, and his Airdale Finn.
Scott Glen once again dealt a heavy blow to his competitors with his secret weapon, Teddy, a doxie cross. Teddy was lethal in the shedding ring, being more toward the long and skinny side, and able to fit through the narrowest of gaps!

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