Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Island Crossing
A big thank you to Heather and Joe Haynes, for their hospitality and a great trial.
Norman was the judge at the Island Crossing trial, and I ran my dogs. My performance in the open was less than stellar. I think the best I did was 7th. My dogs ran great, but my timing seemed to be off. I finally pulled it together with my nursery dog Jess, she was such a good girl. There weren't enough dogs for a nursery class, so I entered her in the pro novice. She was 1st in the second round, and she ended up 2nd overall.
Joe and Heather have Clun Forest sheep, some with big bulgy eyes, and they have Ralph, my new friend, a very cute guardian dog. I loved him instantly.

It poured rain when we were there and I never pulled out my camera.  I was disappointed that I didn't get any pictures of Ralph and those crazy looking sheep so I have improvised.
Congratulations to Rudy (sorry, I can't remember his last name). He won the open both days!

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