Thursday, June 17, 2010

Delta Bluez
Other than this cute image of Norman's Blaze with Don Helsley's guard dog, I am going to leave the blogging to Diane Pagel. She was at The Dirt Blower and did some nice pictures of Norman and Gwen. She was kind enough to post them on her blog. Here is the link to her site.
Just a quick note...Congratulations to Ellen Skillings. She won the overall Open award at the Dirt Blowing Trial. Gerri Byrne won the overall Pronovice award, and I am happy to report that Norman's young dog, Blaze, was second in the Pronovice overall.


  1. Helsleys guard dog is not a one to consider casually.
    Norman means business!

  2. Hey Susan thats right!! This makes him look like a fuzzy ball of fun .... You know better! ha ha