Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spa Day 
Our friend Chris is a groomer at the Dog House doggy salon. She was kind enough to treat our older girls, Lassie and Ice, to a day of pampering, I took them to the beauty shop and they got the works, even a cute bow,
Norman was horrified with the bow......... : o )


  1. ha ha.. I saw a comment and knew it would be you, asking that.... Ice pick actually didnt get a bow. But she did look really pretty all clean and fluffy she didnt want her picture made, when your using a camera phone they need to hold still and she was too busy! Hope all is well for you two.

  2. A BOW.....for Lass???? No wonder Norman is in shock..........

  3. A pink bow with cute flowers she still has it in her hair!!