Sunday, March 13, 2011

Smiley has been sold to Joyce and Gary Heibertshausen. You will remember them as they live in Montana, raise tons of sheep and also purchased my Drift. Joyce braved the roads, came for lessons with Drift and picked up Smiley. It was great to meet her in person and see my handsome Drift again. 

Spot has landed a job and found his person.
Pedro is from Peru. He works for Sam Hunt and was in charge of his 800 lambs. Spot arrived just in time to help Pedro load the lambs to go to market. Sam has 2 herders helping him with his flock of 1300 ewes. Rodelson is also from Peru. He has two of our  dogs, you may remember them, Bailey and Ben. Rodelson has really come along with the dogs, his background is engineering, not shepherding,  so it was all new to him. Sam purchased Ben for him first and Norm gave Rodelson a lesson. He speaks very little English, so it was challenging, but Rodelson was determined to learn. They needed two dogs, so they purchased Bailey as well. We typed out instructions and ideas for Rodelson, and then used Google Translate to translate the information into Spanish. It worked great. Sam called a day ago to tell us that Rodelson had sent Bailey out and she had gathered the entire flock of 1300 head. We are all so proud of them and happy that these really nice men have 3 of our dogs as partners .

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  1. That's awesome! If you need 'in person' Spanish help just let me know. :) Ellie and I are looking forward to seeing you guys this summer.