Saturday, April 25, 2009

Old Chatham, New York
I made this image today of Hanna (the pirate). Gale is much too private and preferred not to participate. I wish you all could see this place. It is wonderful: big red barns, a river, beautiful fields, old trees. It's the kind of place that seems honest and pure. I am quite certain that only good things happen here. It looks like a farm in a children's story book.
Norman has been judging the trial, and what a trial it has been. I ran my Gale in the Open. It was a thrill and a privilege to be able to run on this field. It is picturesque, but extremely difficult. The sheep are milking sheep, mostly bottle babies and are used to people handling them, but not dogs. I was way over my head, but managed to get around... kinda. There were 74 dogs. My score was a 41 and I am sitting somewhere around 18th. Lots of dogs have RT as the sheep run back to the set out, around those big wonderful trees I was telling you about. I was proud of my dog, we both learned a lot. Round 2 has started. Tomorrow I am up almost last....