Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Morning/Afternoon, depending on your time zone!
All is well, we are back on the road again. We left the outskirts of Toledo, Ohio, this morning, drove through Pennsylvania, and walked the dogs in New York. It is getting a bit harder to find places to walk 16 dogs. We are looking forward to a big, open, safe field, where we can all get some real exercise. We slept like logs/dogs last night. We are really enjoying the new trailer. It has cut our work in half. The dogs seem to be holding up, traveling is much nicer for them as well. Speaking of dogs, here is the scoop on the dog I lifted off of Norman. I am sure you recognize this little face as none other than the naughty little Pirate Hanna. She is quite the character, and I love working with her. Her whistles are opposite to mine, and I am quite dyslexic. She is a tight running little thing, and that is my specialty, to get a dog running tight and slicing their flanks, and she really doesn't understand my accent, but all that aside, I think we will do well together!
Almost to Buffalo, New York.........


  1. Hi Vic, I've been following your blogs for some time and just discovered how to reply!! Your trip sounds great - how is my brother coping with being so near to civilisation and traffic?? Looking forward to seeing a picture of the new trailer too!!

  2. Hes great drove us through Chicago like it was nothing. Cant seem to get him to wash the trailer for a picture though, maybe you can have a chat with him!