Tuesday, April 21, 2009

568 more miles to go!
We have officially "Headed East." We have been on the road since Saturday and will arrive tomorrow in Old Chatham, New York. Thursday, Norman will be doing a day of lessons and Friday, judging Warren Micks' trial.
Today we have traveled through 4 states, including Chicago, Illinois. We both agree, we would rather die, than live in the city of Chicago, no offense. We are now VERY familiar with toll booths and are thinking of opening up one ourselves.
You pass by our house to get to the lake, and it seems only reasonable that people should pay to pass. It appears to be a great way to make alot of extra cash.
The trip has really gone well. We did have a seal go out in the pickup, but before we could walk the dogs and eat lunch the Dodge dealer had us back on the road again.
We have tons of catching up to do, so I will be getting it in gear, telling you all the news. Here's a sneak peek.........We have a new dog hauler/travel trailer. I will post a picture for you to see, and I have a new dog, I actually stole her from Norman. I will reveal the goods tomorrow. We're stopping for the night just outside of Toledo, Ohio. See ya tomorrow!


  1. Oh yeah, we remembered to tell you to avoid the rough road in SD but we forgot to tell you to avoid Chicago at all costs! We just drove an extra 3 hours to avoid it and consider it time well spent.

  2. Great now you tell us!!
    Hope things are good for you too!
    See you at the Bluerass

  3. bluerass? Thats slang for "Blue Grass" there is no going back when you hit send.........kinda like life!