Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pad Patch
I just finished patching a nasty split on Ice's pad. The winter snow and sharp ice take a toll on her feet. I read about making a patch on a sled dog site a couple of years ago. It really works beautifully, in case you haven't heard about it, I will share it with you. 
What  you need: Scissors, fabric sports tape, Krazy glue, (other types of Super glue do not work as well) & corn starch.
Clean and dry the area thoroughly, cut a round patch, slightly bigger than the wound, make sure that you don't leave any square corners. 
Apply a very thin layer of Krazy glue to the wound, the size of your patch.  Apply the patch. Let it dry. Now apply another thin layer of glue on top of your entire patch, making sure to go outside of the edges. Immediately apply the corn starch (the corn starch is the key). Let it dry. If you would like you can apply another layer of glue and cornstarch but it must be very thin and overlap the previous layer. If any of the layers are too thick the patch will not hold. This will give you a patch that, depending on outside conditions, will stay on up to 5 days. It will fall off on its own as the pad heals. It will also give you a corn starched, glued finger that will annoy you for two days or until you figure out that acetone removes Krazy glue. Good Luck!

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