Friday, January 9, 2009

The New Website
We have a new website. While we loved the old version we could not update it our self and found it difficult to keep it current.
 We hope you enjoy the new site, there are 3 options to choose from on the 1st page. The first option is to view the site "High Speed" with all the bells, whistles, & music, so turn on your speakers and enjoy!! The second is the "Dial Up" or the "Slow Speed" version, this is great for our rural friends. If you need to get to a page fast this is a great option. The third option is "The News" that brings you directly here to the news page. You can also get to the news page inside the site. Don't forget when you're viewing the pictures, you can always turn the slide show off using the buttons on the lower right under the thumb-nails. That makes viewing the pedigrees much easier.  We hope you enjoy the new site, feel free to email your thoughts we love to hear from you!!

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