Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One of my favorite training videos
I want to share one of my favorite training videos with you. It is very short but it shows just what can happen if your technique is flawed. 
The first error is trying to look good in front of people, instead of handling the situation that is about to unfold.
The second error is being wishy washy in your method and not getting the job done. Yes! We can be too soft. and cause more harm then good. i.e. The lady with the box. 
The third and final error, which will always come back to BITE you, is trying to be/look macho. 
This training article has not been approved by Norman Close and was posted without his consent, so download it quick before he comes in for may not last, after all this section is just for news, real news... 


  1. WAIT!!!!!!! It's gone!!!!!!! No fair!!!!!!

  2. I have seen this video before. All I could think of was this guy is supposed to be a humane society worker and used to handling animals?! He sure didn't know how to handle this cat.