Wednesday, March 11, 2009

State Photographers Competition 
I am back from the convention. It is always great to see my old friends, and learn all the new tricks of the trade. 
I was pleased with my print entries, it is dangerous to enter animals, and art in a traditional type competition, but they did well. 
I had 4 prints merit (score over 80) which put them into an above average category, I was third in a division called finished product. It was a framed art piece that I did in copper tones. I was second with my commercial entry that we named desert passage, and Lucy, the black and white print, won judges choice. Thank you to all of you who worked on naming my prints. My good  friend Lynard who prefers to be called Lynn was especially clever naming  my black and white print "EWE SHALL NOT PASS" I think the name got me 5 extra points! Here are the prints that scored high.


  1. Awesom, Vickie. Well done! Penny

  2. Congrats Vickie! Awesome photos. I love the one of the horse in water - it is just incredible.

  3. those are beautiful photos, congrats - great choices!!

  4. Thank you Girls!!
    Hi Penny, which Penny is this?
    Is this Penny with Moss or Penny with Alice? Or??
    Sarah,I don't think we met? I enjoy your blog hope to catch you this summer for a chat.
    Lani, The news is your young dog is outstanding, cant wait to see her!!

  5. Why am I not surprised?! If I was a judge I would give you first all the time! You know you are my favorite photographer.

  6. congrats! your photos are always breathtaking, and I keep hearing all these nice things about you though we've never met ;)

    best wishes!

  7. Hi Vickie, no we haven't met! I found your blog through others I peruse. I love your photos. We are lucky enough to live close to Scott and Jenny and I get to take Gyp out to see the sheep - we don't compete in herding, I just like to give Gyp the chance to use her instinct for something other than herding cats :) We'll stick to Agility, something we are both much better at!!


  8. You guys are too nice!
    Be careful Sarah, you start hanging around the Glen's and their nice dogs like Pleat.... pretty soon you have a new live, with lots of dogs and this horrible herding bug you cant shake. I should know!!