Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lead Me On Clinic
We have returned from the Clinic in Olympia, Washington, hosted by Dave and Ursula, owners of Lead Me On Training and Boarding.
The people, the dogs, and the food were truly outstanding, the weather was not. It rained and snowed, however, we were left unscathed because of Dave's quick thinking. He and Ursula rented a U-haul and equipped it with borrowed propane heaters. Myself and the clinic attendees, for the most part, stayed warm and dry........Norman was not quite that lucky.
The clinic dogs made great strides in 2 days, it was exciting to see the progress. We are looking forward to seeing our new friends, and their dogs on the trial field this summer.
On Monday we drove to Becki Maloney's farm for lessons, and we were able to work our own dogs as well. It was such a treat after such a long winter. Her place is beautiful with wonderful fields to work in, and nice sheep.
I had my camera with me at the clinic, and my official "work" hat on. I am thrilled with the results, and will post a few of my client's images here in the next couple of days, as I finish them......Beautiful dogs, I am pleased to have photographed them and think you will enjoy them as well.
A huge big thank you to Dave and Ursula, our kind and gracious hosts. Cheryl Munson provided the sheep and sound system, we appreciate her generosity, she is a beauty. To all who attended and helped, the clinic was successful because of you. Thanks for a great time!

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