Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a summer it has been!
As you read in my friend Lynn's post, my Gale was a little superstar this summer. It is our first year in the open, and she made the double lift, ending up 9th at the Canadian Finals. My double lift performance came to a climax when I was running in the shedding ring, tripped in a rabbit hole, and ended up doing a hoof inspection. Believe it or not, Norman said that actually wasn't the most embarrassing part!..........Back to Gale, she ran very respectably at Soldier Hollow, and she was awesome at Meeker, that's a whole story in itself. So, you may ask, where did you get such a nice little dog? I purchased Gale from none other than Norman. Yes, the infamous Norman Close that I am married to. That is how Norm and I met. I bought my Kate from him as well. Gale is the last dog that I actually had to pay Norman for. Now I keep my eye on the ones that I want and wait for him to have a weak moment. While he is still in a weakened state, I quickly move them to my side of the kennel, making sure all the while that he realizes what a favor I just did for him.

Bless his heart, he takes good care of me, with good dogs, and lessons to go with it................

Dogs for Sale

Speaking of buying dogs from Norman, since my side of the kennel is also full, he just had me put a new one up on the site in the "dogs for sale" section.

Meet Spike. He is a little beauty, honest and fun to run, you can call Norman for more details 208-665-1670.

I am so thankful that my art was well received. I appreciate each and every one who stopped by our booth, to look at, comment on, and buy my art. It means more to me than you know!
The Painters Chair Gallery in Coeur d' Alene is still hanging my work. As you may remember, it went in on a trial basis. Fortunately, we have sold 4 pieces there, so it looks as if it will stay.
We have a couple of new, limited edition prints and a new card out. In case you didn't get to see them on the road, here is a little peek. "Sheepish Smile" is now an 11x18 canvas print. It is limited to 500.

"Our Old Place," is an 8.5 x 11 watercolor. It is limited to 250.
The image on the top is called "The Dusty Trail." It is of our good friend, Randy Dye's Sweep. At the moment it is a greeting card. Look for it to become a limited edition watercolor. I will post it when it is released.
It's great to catch up with you all.
Take Care,

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